LED Lighting for the Retail Market

Lumalex Canada has created a retail LED lighting program suitable for the residential home owner. This program covers a variety of lighting designs and functionality for both internal and external applications. Currently we have produced six new lighting fixtures that are designed to be easily and quickly installed anywhere you have an existing light installed in your ceiling or wall area. These fixtures will significantly reduce your energy consumption while producing a more effective and brighter light. By replacing one 60 watt bulb with one of our 10 watt light fixtures, will save you 80% on your energy usage. There are no more bulbs to replace. These new fixtures will offer the home owner 12 to 15 years of service life and have a five year free replacement warranty against defects. They are also eligible for rebates from your local power authority. To help you understand more about these products, please watch the video below and visit us again to see more new lighting products, coming soon.

Lumalex Product Overview Video: