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Why Choose Aqualuma LED lights?

There are many advantages to using LED solutions for commercial, industrial, domestic and marine applications. It is no surprise that LED lighting options are now moving to the forefront

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    The Lightsource-R is manufactured to the highest standards. The housing is die cast using marine grade, copper free aluminum, It is treated with a corrosion protection and then finished with a protective epoxy powder coat. Aqualuma specifies only the best and longest lasting materials available in the industry.


    Thermal management is of paramount importance in the design of LED fittings. The performance of LEDs, both in terms of output and reliability, will decline with increased fixture temperature. High fixture temperatures will reduce the life expectancy of the driver and the LED luminaires. Computation fluid dynamic (CFD) software has been used to simulate the cooling effect and airflow over the housing thus maximizing the fixture life. The Lightsource-R’s unique shape is the result of hundreds of hours of development in the simulator; backed up with laboratory testing of physical prototypes.


    The optical efficiency of a light fixture is the measure of how much light is extracted, rather than being absorbed by the fitting itself. Optical simulation software has been used to achieve an optical efficiency (LOR) of 94%. This unprecedented achievement contributes to the fitting’s overall efficiency.


    ​​Metal halide and fluorescent fixtures have a ‘peaky’ spectral distribution which results in some colours being illuminated more brightly than others. The Aqualuma LED high-bay provides a continuous illumination across the full visible spectrum.


    The Aqualuma high-bay fitting has been independently tested and certified to have no flicker detectable to the human eye. Fluorescent tube and metal halide flicker has been associated with headaches, migraines, eye strain and general discomfort.


    ​The Aqualuma Lightsource R is environmentally friendly when compared to alternate solutions. It contains no toxic materials and is 85% recyclable. In comparison, fluorescent tubes contain mercury, a highly toxic metal. The US Environmental Protection Agency has issued guidelines for the clean-up of broken fluorescent tubes which include turning off air conditioning systems and building evacuation.


    ​A 400W metal halide high-bay could cost up to $690 per year to run ($0.18 /kWh) not including maintenance and outage costs. A custom Aqualuma LED High Bay solution will reduce this cost by as much as up to 80%. For all installations we can conduct an energy survey and design a custom lighting plan to optimize your energy usage. Reducing your power consumption will reduce your carbon footprint, further contributing to the environmental benefits of adopting LED technology.


    ​The Aqualuma high-bay LED light fixtures use LEDs purchased from CREE and LUXEON the worlds most reputable LED luminaire manufacturers. These manufacturers undertake extensive LED lifetime testing to LM-80 industry standards. Allowing for the aging of all the lamp components, we predict a lumen maintenance L70 of over 100,000 operating hours, 24 hours per day at 25 degrees C


Energy Efficient
Long Run Times
Low Maintenance
Environmentally Friendly

Planning for the Future


A proper lighting plan is a key part of the process in determining the ‘best lighting solution’ for all our clients.

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Your power supply company may offer rebates when purchasing these products. Investing in energy efficient LED technology is the smart way for business owners to save on their energy costs and contribute to reducing your ROI timing.

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