Aqualuma has revolutionised underwater lighting with its thru-hull range, a unique upgradeable and serviceable LED underwater light.

Aqualuma lights are the world’s first and only underwater lights with a one-piece housing that has no lenses or seals, which means they can be serviced and upgraded without the need for haul out. Corrosion-proof and injection-moulded, the thru-hull underwater lights feature Aqualuma’s patented polymer housing, the most sophisticated and strongest material available in underwater lighting. These lights are virtually unbreakable and have been pressure tested to 1300 feet below sea level. The real advantage of the Aqualuma thru-hull system is the ability to continually upgrade as LED technology advances. Many of Aqualuma’s original customers have taken advantage of this service, to stay up-to-date with the latest in advancing technology. The housing carries a 6 year warranty.

** We recommend that when installing thru-hull housing, you treat the lens with prop-speed clear coat to prevent algae and other marine buildup.

Gen II – 1 Series

Small boats can be just as brightas their larger counterparts with Aqualuma’s 1 Series – a powerful range of bright lights for light craft.

LED colours available in Brilliant White or Ultra Blue.

Gen 4 – 6 Series

The iconic 3 Series has doubled in output but not in size. All grown up into the amazing, new GEN 4, 6 Series.

LED colours available in Brilliant White or Ultra Blue.

Gen 4 – 12 Series

Bigger, better, brighter: as part of the iconic thru-hull range, the 12 Series is a serious light designed to illuminate larger boats.

LED colours available in Brilliant White or Ultra Blue.

Gen 4 – 18 Series

Bigger, best, brightest. The 18 Series is the latest edition to Aqualuma’s Thru-Hull range. Designed to illuminate the worlds largest superyachts.

LED colours availible in Brilliant White and Ultra Blue.

Gen 4 – 18 Tri Series

The colourful Tri Series is all about offering choice. Deciding which Aqualuma product to purchase has just been made easier.

LED colours available in Brilliant White and Ultra Blue.

Luma-Vu Camera

The Luma-Vu Camera gives you a crystal clear view of what’s happening in the ocean beneath you. Simply flick the switch on your Aqualuma Luma- Vu camera, and a kaleidoscope of colour will be revealed.