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The colourful Tri Series is all about offering choice. Deciding which Aqualuma product to purchase has just been made easier.

The Tri Series combines the brilliance of the blue and white with the body of the 12 and 18 Series and offers customers the choice of two colours (9 blue and 9 white LEDs) in the one housing. Choose to operate just one of Aqualuma’s famous light colours, or run them together to get a mix of the two, at an intensity that is equal to the 18 Series. Manufactured in the incredibly robust one-piece, corrosion-proof and injection-molded polymer housing. As part of the Thru-Hull range, the 18 Series features Aqualuma’s 6 year housing warranty with a 3 year warranty on internals.

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  • Gen 4 Technology
  • 3 year warranty on internals
  • 6 year housing warranty
  • Patented, High-Tech chemically resistant polymer housing
  • Low dc current draw, 12 or 24 volt dc
  • 2 colors in the one unit can be run individually or together
  • Internally serviceable and upgradable
  • Can be operated in or out of the water
  • Meets World EMI standard
  • No bonding to anodes required
  • Operating current: – with 1 of either colors: less than 1.3 amps @ 12 volt – with both colours: less than 2.6 amps @ 12 volt
  • Serviceable driver module
  • Throws both a deep penetrating and wide flat beam of light from the one unit
  • 75mm (3″) thru-hull fitting
  • All new combination optic with increased horizontal spread

Brilliant White

  • Color temperature 9000
  • Fixture Lumens : 1075 lm
  • Fixture Lumens Lowlight Conditions : 2475 lm

Ultra Blue

  • Color temperature 470nm
  • Fixture Lumens : 418 lm
  • Fixture Lumens Lowlight Conditions : 7050 lm

Ultra Blue/Brilliant White

  • Fixture Lumens : 1493 lm
  • Fixture Lumens Lowlight Conditions : 9525 lm